Questions & Answers

How soon will I see results?

Skin takes approximately one month to complete a turnover cycle. Results can be seen in approximately one to two months, with continued improvement in appearance in subsequent months.

Can Lanterna be used outdoors, in direct sunlight?

Exposure to direct sunlight causes increased melanin production (tanning). This will diminish the eff ects of Lanterna. Sunscreen is recommended.

Will there be any more products in the Lanterna line?

Yes. We are actively researching adding to the line. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Where can I buy Lanterna?

Currently, Lanterna can be purchased through the Maxey Cosmetics website, as well as through select dermatologists nationwide. If you would like it to be available through your dermatologist, or local cosmetic chain, please submit a request to the website, providing all necessary contact information.

Wholesale/ Distribution inquiries may contact Lasya, Inc. directly at 1-855-24LASYA.

What does Lasya mean?

Lasya is the Tibetan Goddess of Beauty and Dignity of the Body. Normally depicted wearing white and carrying a mirror, she obtains her power from the light of the sun and of the moon. The management team of Lasya, Inc. has a combined total of over eighty years of skin science research and product development experience. As a company, Lasya, Inc. is committed to bringing safe and effective skin care products to the market and to the people who need them.