About Us

Lasya, Inc. strives to become a recognized leader of cosmetic skincare and dermatology-related therapeutics by bringing safe and effective products to the market and to the people who need them. Our company, much like its namesake, aims to preserve the beauty and dignity of the body. As in Lasya’s ancient mirror, our core values are a reflection of this mission.

As a company and as individuals, we value:

  • Our compassion for our customers,
  • Our passion for scientific discovery,
  • Honesty, integrity, and respect.

We embrace challenges and the open minds necessary to solve them with new ideas, and will strive for personal and company excellence.

Management Team

Mitchell de Long, Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors Member

Mitch de Long is currently Vice-President of Aerie Pharmaceuticals and Professor of Chemistry at Duke University. Mitch was the chemist who originally synthesized deoxyArbutin, as well as the compound that became Latissetm ,  and brings to Lasya, Inc. over 20 years in drug and cosmetic design, formulation, and manufacturing experience. An intense creative mind and ability to think “outside” the box gives Mitch a unique edge as CEO.

Amanda Greatens, Chief of Marketing and Sales, President of the Board of Directors

Amanda Greatens has more than 15 years of cosmetic and pharmaceutical marketing and business development experience.  Her dissertation while in the Boissy lab focused on mechanisms of skin-lightening, and included early work on deoxyArbutin. Amanda possesses a unique talent to unite and excite team members through her passion for business development,  and she relishes in the thrilling completion of a hard sell. She takes immense pleasure in being a liaison between science and marketing. Her passionate combination of education, work experience, and life skills lends itself well in her role in Lasya, Inc.

Raymond Boissy, Chief Scientific Officer, Board of Directors Member

Raymond Boissy is a Professor of Dermatology at The University of Cincinnati, and President of the National Vitiligo Foundation. Raymond is a renowned expert in basic skin science, and has published and reviewed hundreds of papers in the fields of dermatology, pigmentary disorders and diseases, and most importantly, the safety and efficacy of dA. His relentless pursuit of “why” will undoubtedly lead to many new and marketable discoveries for our company as he functions as Lasya, Inc.’s CSO.